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10 Reasons To Go To The British Faire!

1. The Tea

For many this is the main reason for attending the Faire. Sit down and enjoy our tea, which is a meal including finger sandwiches, sausages rolls, shortbread, scones and lashings of tea. We offer four seatings throughout the day. Tickets sold on a first come, first served basis. $15 for tea includes free admission to the Faire.

2. The Bagpiper

Come early to hear and see the bagpiper. He usually pipes when we open and pipes in the Royal Court when they arrive.

3. The Royal Court

Thanks to our friends from the KC Renaissance Festival, we have been blessed to have the Royal Court visit us each year. They wander around and mix with our visitors and vendors. They may even break into song!

4. The Dancers and Entertainment

We offer entertainment throughout the day including an accordionist, magician and several troupes of Irish and Scottish dancers. This year you'll even have a chance to learn to dance!

5. Booths - Vendors & Organizations

Plenty of vendors selling British goods of all types including home-made baked goods (the most popular) souvenirs, jewelry, sweets, hand knitted goods, tea and goods from the British Isles. Local organizations in the Kansas City area are represented as well.

6. Children's Room

There are many wonderful things for children to do in our children's room. But don't leave them here, adults stay and play as well. This year is Guy Fawkes Day, so there will be a chance to make your own GUY!

7. Lots of Happy People

You never know who you'll run into, maybe Father Christmas or Ladies in Waiting. You will be surrounded by many happy people, including yourself!

8. Gifts and Raffles

There will be plenty of opportunities to sign up to win gift baskets or buy raffle tickets for larger prizes. Get on our mailing list for special basket drawings each year when you return with your postcard.

9. Tombola

A real British tradition. This game may have it's origins in Italy, but it's a staple at Fairs and Fetes across the UK. Pick your ticket from a big clear teapot to see if you win a prize!

10. Fundraising

The reason we have had the British Faire for the past 31 years is to raise funds for the British Home and local women's charities. We are the Daughters of the British Empire. If you are interested in joining, please be sure to visit our table near the entrance to find out more about our organization.

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