10 Amazing British Mazes

1 HAMPTON COURT The Maze at Hampton Court was designed around 1700 and is currently planted with yew. It covers a third of an acre, and is the UK's oldest surviving hedge maze. It is well-known for being confusing and includes twists, turns and dead ends. 2 BLENHEIM PALACE photo: the Guardian The Marlborough maze incorporates cannonballs, trumpets, flags and even a V sign in honour of Winston Churchill. It takes six people with hedge trimmers a week to prune the maze's 2 miles of yew hedge every October. (the Guardian) 3 LONGLEAT photo: amazingplanet.com The Longleat hedge maze is was built in 1975 and has 1.69 miles of pathways, 6 bridges and multiple twists and dead ends. It's part

10 Great British Olympians

1 Bradley Wiggins - Cycling Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins, CBE just this week became Britain's most decorated Olympian with a total of 8 medals including 5 gold. Starting his Olympic career 16 years ago in Sydney with a bronze, 5 games later he wins the same event this time with gold (again). Shall we see him again in Tokyo 2020? 2 Steve Redgrave - Rowing Sir Steven Geoffrey Redgrave CBE DL is a retired British rower who won gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1984 to 2000. He is regarded as one of Britain's greatest-ever Olympians, the most successful male rower in Olympic history, and the only man to have won gold medals at five Olympic Games in an endurance sport (Wikipedia)

10 Things You May Not Know About Queen Elizabeth

10 She can take apart and reassemble a car engine. 9 Princess Elizabeth joined a Military Training Scheme during the Second World War, like many young women of the time, and trained as a mechanic. (see above). It was there where she learnt to ride a motorcycle. Pictured here riding a 250cc BSA C10 cycle. 8 She doesn't need a passport - Since a British passport is issued in her name, it is unnecessary for her to have one. 7 She doesn't need a driver's license - same reason as not needing a passport. Since a driving license is issued in her name she does not need one. Nor does she need a license on her vehicles. 6 With the Brexit vote we wondered, can she vote? She can vote, technically, bu

10 Castles to stay overnight in England

1 THORNBURY - Gloucestershire Thornbury dates back to the 10th century and has a long history including ties with William the Conquerer and it's use by Henry VIII during his honeymoon with Anne Boleyn. Though it has no moat it is a castle made for royalty and you can spend the night here. Check out their website. https://www.thornburycastle.co.uk/thornbury-castle Photo By Arpingstone (Adrian Pingstone) at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4237757 2 LANGLEY - Northumberland Langley was built in the 13th century during the reign of Edward III and was passed down through a long list of Lords and Ladies

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