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District Organizers and Their Duties

Current Midwest District Organizers: Dana Gillis (Kansas), Carolyn Frost (Ohio), and Georgia Abrams (Illinois) 


District Organizers are not elected National Officers. They are appointed by the National President, report to the National Organizer, and may not be appointed for another consecutive term unless they were appointed to take over and complete the first term. 




Work closely with the National Organizer.


Act as liaison between the National Board, State Societies, and DBE Home Board within the District.


Inspire, instruct, and advise States within their District, stressing communication, cooperation, and education.


Promote interest in the District Home and encourage DBE members to become Home Board Corporation members, where offered, and support the District Home.


Coordinate official tours and visits by the National President, National Officers or other dignitaries.


Direct the State Societies and are responsible for the comfort of the visitors.


Receive the following reports, minutes, or organizing reports from the following: National Board, StateSocieties within the District, and District DBE Home Board.


Are conversant with all governing documents so as to assist the States with any query or information.


Update the annual Active Chapter List prepared and maintained by the National Organizer.


Consult with Chapters and State Societies considering disbanding.

Meet monthly, or as required, via Skype/video/conference call with the National Organizer and other District Organizers to discuss/work together on specific items.


Are the main contact for MALs in unorganized States in their respective Districts: approving and collecting applications from new MALs and processing them; sending out annual dues reminder notice in December to existing MALs.


Encourage MALs to organize Chapters in their own area.


Meet monthly, or as required, via Skype/video/conference call with all State Organizers within the District to discuss/work together on specific items.

Organize new States within the District offering continual guidance until these new States are able to function. It must be realized that new States composed of members new to the DBE will require a great deal of guidance, encouragement and extra attention.


Provide guidance and support to State Organizers in the formation of new Chapters and the nurturing of established Chapters. 

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