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Annual British Faire and Tea             Saturday, October 29, 2022                     10am - 3pm

We work weeks in advance to prepare enough food for over all our guests.  

The Faire Menu May Include:
(sit down tea & tea in a box)

Egg Salad Finger Sandwich

Cucumber Finger Sandwich
Coronation Chicken

Sausage Roll
Mini Lavender Cake

At the sit down tea you'll have an endless cup of tea served from the teapot to your china cup and saucer.  Milk and sugar provided naturally.
     Tea Times
 11:00/ 12:30/ 13:45

All Tea tickets have been reserved in advance
Tea in a Box
Your $25 tea in a box includes free entry to the faire. 

All Tea in a Box have been
And the entertainment near the tearoom is delightful!

Harpist: Marti Hall-Powers
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