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How to Run a Chapter Meeting

The Regent should be prepared at every meeting with a copy of the Bylaws, governing documents, and an agenda, all of which can be downloaded from the National website.


The Regent of the Chapter is the presiding officer. In the absence of the Regent, the Vice-Regent shall be the presiding officer. In the absence of the Recording Secretary, a temporary Recording Secretary is appointed for that meeting only and referred to as Recording Secretary pro team.

CALL TO ORDER: The Regent calls the meeting to order. The meeting may be opened with a prayer, an inspiration, or a moment of silence, followed by the DBE motto.

Members and guests are welcomed and/or introduced. General announcements may be made at this time.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes from the previous month’s meeting are required to be approved at a meeting. Minutes may be distributed electronically; if not, they should be reviewed at the meeting before being approved.


Regent: “The Recording Secretary will read the minutes.”

“Are there any corrections to the minutes?”

“If there are no corrections, the minutes stand as approved, (or approved as corrected).”

REPORTS: Reports are given in the following order: Regent, Vice-Regent, Recording Secretary, and Treasure.

“The Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.” Bills and expenses are presented. A motion is required for all payments.

Other officers and Committees (if any).


NATIONAL REPORT, STATE BOARD MINUTES, AND HOME BOARD MINUTES:  It is customary for the Regent to email these reports in advance to members, but the Regent should bring important and relevant sections of the reports to members’ attention at the meeting.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: At this time, pending Chapter business will be discussed. The Regent should review previous minutes and correspondence in advance of the meeting, to determine what Chapter business is pending.


Before continuing: Regent: “Is there any other unfinished business?”


VOTING ON UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Every Chapter member, including the Regent, may vote on every issue, including elections. The Regent ensures that all members wishing to speak have the opportunity to do so. It is permissible to conduct a phone or email survey of members on Chapter issues.


Issues put to a vote should be presented as follows, and require a second:


1st MEMBER: “I move that ..…..”

2nd MEMBER: “I second the motion…....”

REGENT: “It is moved and seconded that……...”

REGENT: The members now discuss the motion.

“Are you ready for the vote?

The question is on the adoption of the motion that …Those in favor say ‘aye’. Those opposed, say ‘no’.

“The ayes (or no’s) have it.

The motion is adopted, (or lost).”


Unless otherwise specified in the governing documents, issues put to a vote are decided by a majority of those members present and voting. A majority is at least 1 vote more than 50% of the votes cast - e.g., if20 votes are cast, a majority would be 11 votes.


NEW BUSINESS: The Regent or any member should introduce new business.


Before continuing: Regent: “Is there any other new business?”

VOTING ON NEW BUSINESS: Same as above in Unfinished Business.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The date, time, and place of the next meeting should be given, and any other announcements made.


PROGRAM: (if any)


ADJOURNMENT: Regent: “Is there any further business?” (If no further business, request a motion to adjourn)


“Since there is no further business, the meeting is adjourned.”

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