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New Uses for Phone Booths

Now that almost everyone has a cell phone there is little use for the public phone. So what do you do with all the unused iconic red phone booths? Many have been carted to junk yards where they either fall apart or are refurbished and sold. You see them everywhere. Just think of how many are in just the US! But for the one's left on public streets and byways in the UK there are many new uses popping up all over the country. Here are a few.

1 The Defibrillator

A phone booth converted to contain a defibrillator could save lives. We've seen them all over Britain.

2 Art


There are many ways to show off the beauty of the phone booth as art!

3 Library


Many booths are converted to libraries and book sharing stations across the UK

4 Drinks and Food

The size and location of many phone booths are especially convenient for coffee shops, salad bars and food stations.

5 Furniture

This lovely unique sofa may set you back a pretty penny.

6 Solar Box

huffington post

In London you can find free solar powered mobile charging stations. So if you can't make a phone call from the booth you can at least battery up your mobile!

7 Poetry Corner

The old red booth can be used as a poetry corner or a place to display art.

8 Empty

Some of them remain empty, but at least this one has been lovingly taken care of.

9 Shops

This picture needs no explanation. Perfect!

10 Rental / office space

MIni office spaces are popping up in the larger cities for commuters and tourists provided by Pod Works. Its booths are decked out with printers, a 25-inch screen, a powerbank of plugs and a hot drinks machine.

Have you seen a new phone booth use? Send us a picture or description or post on our Facebook page. We'd love to see them.

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