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State Officers and Their Duties


Current State President: Lynette Chastain


The executive powers of the State Society are vested in the State President. She shall preside at meetings of the State Board, the Executive Committee, and at the State ACM, and have the power to call special meetings of the State Board and the Executive Committee. She shall be conversant with all governing documents. She shall serve as the 1st State Delegate to the annual National Council Meetings. She shall appoint and be ex officio a voting member of all State Committees except the Nominating Committee and the Audit Committee. With the advice and consent of the State Board, she shall fill vacancies occurring on the State Board. She shall have the privilege of attending any Chapter meeting, after notification to the Chapter Regent, and shall perform all other duties incident to this office.


1st Vice-President


Current State 1st Vice President: Ann McElhenny

She shall be Chairman of the State ACM Arrangements Committee. She shall perform the duties of the President during her absence or inability to act and, in the event of the death or resignation of the President, shall automatically succeed as President. Then, with the advice and consent of the State Board, as the new President, she shall appoint a 2nd Vice-President The 1st Vice President shall perform all other duties incident to this office.

2nd Vice-President


Current State 2nd Vice President: Karen Garrison


She shall receive and maintain a file of all Membership Application forms after processing by the State Treasurer, produce a State Membership roster, provide a monthly membership report to the State Board, and perform all other duties incident to this office.


3rd Vice-President

Current State 3rd Vice President: Sally Helm


She shall be Chairman of the Governing Documents Committee and adviser to the State Nominating Committee. Upon request, she shall advise the State Board Officers and Chapters Regents of procedures and deadlines and perform all other duties incident to this office.


Recording Secretary


Current State Recording Secretary: Jerri Carmack


She shall keep a permanent record of all the proceedings of the State Board and the State Council and send copies of the monthly State Board Meeting minutes and annual State ACM minutes to all State Board Officers, Chapter Regents, the District Organizer(s), all National Board Officers, and others as deemed appropriate. She shall present the Annual Report of the State Board at the State ACM and perform all other duties incident to this office.


Communications Secretary


Current State Communications Secretary: Heather Dressler


She shall oversee the State Society website if one exists, and all other social media platforms, if any exist, in accordance with DBE policy and ensure they are current and appropriately maintained; and perform all other duties incident to this office.

Corresponding Secretary


Current State Corresponding Secretary: Mary Hawks


She shall handle official correspondence on behalf of the State Board; write/assemble the State Society newsletter, if applicable; fill supply orders upon request from Chapters for items that are provided without charge by the National Board; be Chairman of the Public Relations Committee; and perform all other duties incident to this office.




Current State Treasurer: Alison Pearse


She shall receive and deposit all monies and pay all bills in the name of the State Society, keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures, and present a monthly financial report to the State Board. The State bank account(s) shall require two State Officers authorized to sign checks. The State may have a checking account and a savings account. She shall receive all Membership Application forms, forward them to the 2nd Vice-President, and keep a current Membership count, including MALs. She shall forward, in a timely manner, annual membership dues to the National Treasurer, and Chapter and State donations to the District Home. She shall make the complete financial records available to the Audit Committee prior to the March State ACM for the annual review and shall not serve on the Audit Committee.

She shall present an Annual Financial Report, approved by the Audit Committee, to the State ACM and send a copy to the National Treasurer by April 15th. She shall prepare and file, in a timely fashion, the appropriate State Society tax return(s). She shall forward copies of the annual Audit Report and Tax Return(s), if required, to the National Treasurer. She shall order supplies requiring payment from the National Treasurer and fill orders from Chapters. She shall be ex officio a member of State or multi-chapter fundraising committees, receiving a financial report from each. She shall perform all other duties incident to this office.




Current State Organizer: Teddy Tatum


She shall organize new Chapters within the State and present applications for new Chapter Charters and names to the State Board for approval before submitting them to the National Organizer. She shall visit as many Chapters as possible within the State each year and send a monthly report to the District Organizer(s).

She must meet or consult with members of a Chapter considering disbanding. She shall be the main contact for MALs in her State, collecting applications from new MALs and presenting them to the State Board for approval, and sending out annual dues reminder notices to the existing MALs. She shall perform all other duties incident to this office. 


Standard Bearer


Current State Standard Bearer: Pattie Underwood


She shall have charge of the flags which may be displayed at each meeting and perform all other duties incident to this office.




Current State Historian: Lissa Young

She shall maintain a current scrapbook and perform all other duties incident to this office. 

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