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  • Sally Helm

10 Delicious British Foods

....not in order of their greatness.

1 Eton Mess

What's better than strawberries and cream? Answer: Eton Mess It's strawberries, cream and meringue or pavlova. Perfect for a summer day.

By Angus Fraser - Flickr: Eton Mess, CC BY 2.0,

2 Ploughmans

There are many different varieties, but at it's most basic you need bread, cheese (cheddar or stilton) and pickle, Branston pickle that is. And then you can add other yummy components such as pickled onions, slaw, ham, salad..... Delicious for lunch or dinner and good for you as well.

3 Sticky Toffee Pudding

This wonderful pudding even has a spectacular name. Take a moist sponge, often with chopped dates and pour toffee sauce all over it what's not to like. If it's too sweet for you then add some cream, custard or ice cream to help cut the sweet or just to add to the heavenly deliciousness.

Photo:, CC BY 2.0,

4 Cream Tea

No it's not cream in your tea. It's a scone, strawberry jam, clotted or Devon cream (to put on your scone) and tea. It's the combination which makes it best in the afternoon to keep you going or give you a wonderful excuse to sit down, relax and enjoy.

5 Fish and Chips

When thinking of Britain and food, Fish and Chips is always at the top of the list and rightly so. Best to have a nice big fluffy, well battered fish and thick, perfectly fried chips. A nice side of peas doesn't hurt either.

6 Curry

One of the best imports from India is Indian food. Currently the most popular meal in the UK is

chicken tikka masala. Not an actual Indian dish, but made created British tastes.

7 Full English Breakfast

We all need something to get us going for the day. Why not fill up on breakfast favourites like eggs, sausage, bacon and all the extras that can go along like mushrooms, tomato, fried bread and the beloved Heinz beans. Cup of tea or coffee as well.

8 Scotch Egg

Supposedly invented at Fortnum & Mason in 1738 it's good anytime of the day and especially for picnics. A hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breadcrumbs and deep fried. Thank you very much.

9 Shepherds Pie

Technically shepherds pie is made with lamb and cottage pie made with beef. In all it's forms it's a lovely mixture of meat, onions and gravy topped with mashed potatoes. A Good hearty meal. Sometime it gets a bit fancied up with carrots and peas, but there's nothing like the original.

10 Sunday Roast

British tradition at it's best. Spend time with the family and enjoy a Sunday Roast. Your pick of meat or combinations, Yorkshire pudding, gravy and plenty of veg. There should be no need to eat the remainder of the day, unless it's pudding.

Photo by robbie jim -, CC BY 2.0,

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