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10 Castles to stay overnight in England

1 THORNBURY - Gloucestershire

Photo By Arpingstone (Adrian Pingstone) at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,


2 LANGLEY - Northumberland

Langley was built in the 13th century during the reign of Edward III and was passed down through

a long list of Lords and Ladies both favorable and unfavorable toward the English monarchy. Since restoration began in 1895 the castle has been a private home, barracks, girls boarding school and venue for medieval banquets. Today it is another castle you can spend an unforgettable night in.



The history of the Bickleigh estate begins around 600AD with the building of a Saxon Meeting House, which is now the chapel. The castle itself was built around 1018 and finished by 1086 in time to be entered into the Domesday Book. Again, another castle that has a long and exciting history connected to many royals, wars and owners. Today it is mainly a venue for weddings and corporate events though it does offer accommodation in the attached cottages and one grand room in the castle. If the DBE were ever to hold an event the UK...this one should be considered!

Photo by Smb1001 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


4 Leeds - Kent

One of the more historic and highly visited castles in the UK it came to our surprise that you can actually spend the night here. Accommodation could be in the Maiden's Tower (the building to the right of the castle pictured), the Stable Courtyard and for the fun of it, "Knights Glamping" .

Photo by Barbara van Cleve - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


5 HEVER - Kent

Another fantastic castle with historical ties to royalty including Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleeves and American royalty, William Waldorf Astor. Rooms are available in the Astor wing, Anne Boleyn wing and Medley court. The rooms are not actually in the castle itself, but on the grounds in properties added by Astor in the early 1900s. Still an unbelievable opportunity to stay in such a historic property.


6 PECKFORTON - Cheshire

Not so much of a real castle since it was only built in 1840, but it was built in the medieval style and is a fine example of castle architecture. Since that time the castle has had many lives including a family home, hostel for disabled children and private club for fantasy games. Now with it's 48 available rooms, the battle cry is "Are you ready to wake in grandeur"


7 CHILLINGHAM - Northumberland

Chillingham castle became a fully fortified castle in 1344 and is steeped in history due to it's location close to the Scottish border and the bloody border feuds. There have been at least five royal visits from reigning monarchs including Edward I, Edward III, James I, Charles I and Edward VIII. There is a torture chamber and the castle claims to have many ghosts. The estate also claims to have the only herd of wild cattle left in the world. You can see the cattle, but only accompanied by the warden as they are still considered dangerous. They even have their own website "the wild beasts of Chillingham" Accommodation is in self catering apartments available in the castle and the coaching stable. If you're ever in the neighborhood, you should at least drop by.

Photo by Glen Bowman from Newcastle, England - My Best of 2005 29-08-2005 16-11-39, CC BY 2.0,


8 AMBERLEY - Sussex

Amberley Castle was originally built as a lodge, manor house and then fortification for the Bishops of Chichester as early as 1103. It is still completely surrounded by a 60 foot curtain wall. Plus the town of Amberley is full of thatched cottages and quaint lanes. Spending the night in this historic castle will set you back at least £175, but more like £200 - £300 a night.

Photo by Jonathan Day from Brighton, UK - Amberley Castle Wedding Venue - 01, CC BY 2.0,


9 LUMLEY - Durham

The history of Lumley as a castle began in the 14th century when the previous manor house was converted and improved by Sir Ralph Lumley. Just like most the castle hotels there is a long history of bravery, treason and succession. Choices of rooms to stay in include the castle keep and four poster rooms and suites. Another fabulous option in our top ten list.


10 WALWORTH - Durham

Even Best Western has a Castle hotel! Parts of this castle date back to the 12th century and also include a dungeon. Rooms are available in the main castle and annex. After checking dates and rates you can stay in a room in the in the castle for less than £100. So if you're up near Darlington, check it out.

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